River Hill Power

Providing electricity while protecting the environment.

This project is a 290 Megawatt (net) waste coal fired circulating fluidized bed power plant.  The plant is situated on a 70+ acre site that has been leveled and prepared for the construction of large heavy structures such as generation turbines, cooling towers, transformers, etc.  Current owners have all permits necessary for the construction and operation of the power plant in hand and have completed approximately 50 Million USD in permitting, site preparation, and PJM access charges.  A right of way to connect the power output to a PJM 230 kilovolt transmission line is possessed by the owners as well as agreements necessary to withdraw water from the Susquehanna River


The project has received, thanks to River Hill Coal Company, very positive reception by local, county, state, and federal legislators and environmental agencies.  The permits were issued without any public objection and received expedited processing.  The power plant is a very environmentally friendly facility as the waste that is consumed by it will allow for the restoration of no less than 300 acres of land per year that now lies in deplorable, useless condition.  Waste coal quality is to average 7200 BTUs and 3.5% sulfur.  Annual fuel consumption is estimated at 1.7 Million Tons.  Limestone consumptions is estimated at 400,000 tons.  Approximately 1.6 million tons of alkaline ash would be produced and backhauled to waste fuel sources to enhance reclamation efforts.  Due to the use of best available technology, the emission profile will be very similar to that of natural gas.  Tests have indicated a zero mercury emission and extremely low SO2 and NOx emissions.  This unit is a near duplicate of one of the boiler units now in use by Reliant Energy at their Seward Plant, in Seward, PA which has been online now for three years. 


There are a number of strategic advantages for this plants location.  It is only a maximum of 50 kilometers away from waste fuel sources, steam coal sources, and metallurgical coal sources.  Although the project occupies only 70 acres, those 70 acres are within 1600 acre tract with frontage on two state highways and the RJ Corman Shortline Railroad which connects to NS within 15 miles.


River Hill Power Co. LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sithe Global Power Company, LLC, a New York - based independent power-project development firm.