About Us

River Hill Coal Company is a Pennsylvania based coal exploration and development company engaged in surface mining, preparation and sale of bituminous metallurgical coal (coking coal) and bituminous steam coal used in the process of metallurgical production and power generation. Environmentally conscious, River Hill re-mines abandoned mines, restores land to its original habitat, reintroduces wildlife and incorporates solar power and biofuels in the production process.

River Hill Coal produces two types of coal: bituminous metallurgical coal that is used to make coke, an essential ingredient in the steel-making process, and bituminous steam coal that is used in power plants to generate electricity.

All mining was accomplished while the company increased the coal reserve base and improved coal cleaning and rail facilities. River Hill Coal also solved five of the six environmental problems left by legacy operations from depression-era mining when no reclamation was required. The sixth environmental cleanup site is contained and is continuously being improved at minimal expense. River Hill primarily re-mines areas that were destroyed by previous mining operations. For this reason, we have won awards and recognition for our efforts and the customers that buy our product will know that the environment is safe with River Hill Coal.

Company History

River Hill Coal Company was started in the late 1940's as a small underground coal mining operation, owned by the Rydberg family. River Hill began surface mining in the late 1950's. In 1975, Tosco Oil Corporation purchased the mine from the Rydberg family, along with other nearby coal companies. Tosco constructed a coal preparation plant on the site in order to produce and sell metallurgical grade coal. The preparation plant was completed in 1976. Tosco abandoned their interest to Continental Bank of Illinois, who subsequently sold it back to the grandchildren of the Rydberg's in 1982.

Harry James Hanchar purchased all of the stock of River Hill Coal Company and AME Enterprises in November 1987. River Hill and AME were merged in 1989.  At that time the primary product for River Hill was 300,000 to 400,000 tons of steam coal. This continued until 2005 when worldwide demand for metallurgical coal increased. River Hill was able to ship some quantities of metallurgical coal by selective mining. In 2007, River Hill began major renovations to the Tosco coal preparation plan, adding to the existing structure and building a clean coal circuit. These modifications and additions were completed in October of 2008. River Hill can now produce at least 20,000 tonnes per month of mid vol -8 ash, -1% sulfur coal metallurgical coal. This coal is some of the strongest quality coking coal in the world and is currently sold to domestic and foreign markets.

River Hill Coal Company has been under current management for twenty plus years and has been in business for over sixty-three years. During the current management, River Hill has drastically improved the environment by cleaning up old mining sites and has reintroduced wildlife, such as elk and trout, into these reclaimed areas.

Additional Information

River Hill Coal is registered with the Secretary of State in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Secretary of State in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

All permits and ownership documents are of public record at the Department of Environmental Protection.