Superior Coal Quality

River Hill Coal produces two types of coal: bituminous metallurgical coal that is used to make coke, an essential ingredient in the steel-making process, and bituminous steam coal that is used in power plants to generate electricity.

Bituminous Metallurgical Coal (Coking Coal)

River Hill primarily produces metallurgical Mid-Vol coal (middle range of volatile matter ~ 24.0%, Mean Reflectance ~ 1.24%).  Mid-Vol coal makes better coke versus Low- or High-Vol coals because it transfers both strength and stability when it is processed into coke and acts as a necessary ‘glue’ for High-Vol and Low-Vol coal blends. 

Our Mid-Vol production offers several quality options. We offer blending services for a final product ready for direct injection into blast furnaces. Please tell us your petrographics requirements and we can provide a tailored blend.

For a coke strength comparison of Low-, Mid-, and High- Vol coals, please refer to the graph here.  For a summary of what properties make for good quality Mid-Vol metallurgical coal, see the metallurgical coal rating table.  The detailed analyses we have posted will illustrate that the properties of our coal are in the very good to excellent range.

Brief Summary:

Ash (dry): 5 - 10%
Sulfur (dry): 0.8 - 1.25%
Volatile Matter (dry): 22.5 - 26%
Oxidation: 95 - 100%
CSR: 60+ 

Bituminous Steam Coal

River Hill produces Low-Vol coal (18% volatile matter) and a slightly higher Mid-Vol product with a volatility of 27% - 29%. Through selective mining and blending techniques, River Hill can alter a number of coal petrographics for Mid-Vol production, giving them the ability to offer several quality options tailored to customer needs for direct injection into blast furnaces.

Brief Summary:

Ash (dry): 13 - 18%
Sulfur (dry): 1.8 - 2.5%
Volatile Matter (dry): 22 - 26%

Coal Analysis

For quality control purposes, our coal is analyzed independently by three third party labs. We welcome anyone to call these firms to confirm and review analyses of our coal.

Coal Petrographics Associates
3102 Braun Ave
Murrysville, PA 15668 USA
Kevin DeVanney
Tel: + 1 724-327-2866

Standard Labs
Gallitzin Rd RR 5
Cresson, PA 16630 USA
Tel:  + 1 814-886-7400
Fax: + 1 814-886-2842

Geochemical Testing
2005 N. Center Avenue
Somerset, PA 15501 USA
Tel:  + 1 814-445-1671
Fax: + 1 814-445-5729

Market Analysis & Consulting

River Hill Coal offers coal market analysis and consulting as an independant third party contractor with Coleman Research Group.